Wide Awake Workout Challenge

What is going on? Let me tell you. Lisa is in beautiful Spain BodyRocking in the Sun. We have a BodyRocker visiting with her husband and baby starting just after the 20th of June - this girl is a tremendous inspiration for all you parents out there (especially mom's) and she will be shooting a whole series of workouts with us and sharing her perspective on BodyRocking with 3 young kids at home :) Teshia has been competing in a Yoga championship in LA and she will be back in touch with us soon (hopefully with some pics). I have been busy working on our site redesign that is well past due - I have listened to your comments and feedback and what we have in the works will make following the workouts so much easier - especially for you beginners. We will be welcoming at least one new BodyRock trainer to the family by the end of the summer and if that is not enough stuff going on we have been posting your progress pictures and before and after shots every single day on the BodyRock Facebook page here. It's an exciting time and things are only going to get better around here! Please show your support for our community by sharing BodyRock with your friends and family and above all keep rocking through your 12 minute workouts :) Freddy BodyRock Burn:
BodyRock Burn Workout Video:
Set your interval timer to 3 rounds of 50 seconds work with 10 seconds rest. Complete as many reps of the following exercises below as possible. Workout Breakdown: 1) Prisoner jump knee to elbow 2) 10 Mountain Climbers Clean and Press using the pink Sandbag 3) Squat Front Raise using The BodyRock Equalizer * Save $20 off of the Equalizer with this code! BodyRockEq20 Click here for the deal: http://bit.ly/LEBEQUALIZER 4) Under Toe Touch with half burpee
 Friend us on Facebook – we are posting BodyRocker before and after pictures everyday so that you can see just what kind of changes you can expect : https://www.facebook.com/BodyRock.Tv

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