My Wife Is Boring In Bed And I Don't Find Her Sexually Attractive

I got married two months ago to my girlfriend of one and a half years. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever met, but I don’t find her sexually attractive. I avoid sex with her because she is very boring in bed. We have tried to talk about it, but she seems not to understand the importance of sex in marriage. I don't want to be rude but maybe it is you who doesn't understand 'the importance of sex in a marriage.' Why would you marry someone who doesn't interest you sexually? You need to think long and hard about why you married her. Is she merely a beautiful trophy to you? A piece of arm candy? Is she a beautiful Madonna you feel unworthy of 'violating?' I can assure you, in reality, she is none of those things. She is a flesh and blood, sexual human being just like the rest of us. If you took a moment to see her that way, you might find things look differently. You say you she is the most beautiful woman you have ever met. Take her down off the pedestal. Stop looking for ways to show her how to sexually excite you and start looking for ways to sexually excite HER. Take the time to focus entirely on giving her pleasure. Explore her body, see how it works. Seek her feedback. Once she feels inspired and excited, it will be easy to share with her what it is that arouses you. I don't doubt that she can sense that you aren't really all that interested in having sex with her at this point. That you are, as you say, avoiding it. Why would she be inspired to try new things or excite you if she doesn't feel the same level of interest flowing back? Explore her body, inspire her, show her what you would like. Lavish her with praise and before long, you could be having a mutually satisfying sex life. h/t: The Guardian

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