Will Exercise Make You Eat MORE? We Bust 3 Common Fitness Myths

Here's the truth on how exercise affects your weight, appetite and metabolism. Myth #1 Exercise Won't Help You Lose Weight  Exercise alone will tone and shape you, but it will not cause you to lose drastic amounts of poundage. Coupling a healthy fitness routine with dietary changes can lead to significant weight loss. Also, upping your exercise intensity can shed pounds faster and more efficiently. Myth #2 Exercise Makes You Eat More Working out will actually regulate your appetite stimulating hormone - known as ghrelin. So, exercise is actually beneficial to keeping you from chowing down on a big post-workout meal. Myth #3 The More You Sweat, The More You Burn Sweat is the body's biological response to regulating core temperature. Sweating is normal and perfectly healthy, but does not necessarily correspond with how many calories you burned. What fitness myths have you heard?    

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