Will Power & Peer Pressure - Do you struggle with saying 'NO' ... Change It ...

 ''go on just try it'' ... ''you only live once'' .... ''your getting too skinny'' ... ''your obsessed'' ..... ''your getting so boring'' ..... ''come on, it won't kill ya, just one'' ...... ''you work hard enough for a treat right ??'' Heard any of these ?? Hard isn't it ? No wonder we fall of the wagon every-now and then ... your either too fat or too thin, not healthy or too healthy.... how are we supposed to know whats right and what's wrong ?? Well I can honestly say I have the answer for you... So, I have never drank, smoked, taken drugs or abused my body (other than a cake here and there lol) for 32 years now and I can honestly say, I never wanted to either, not even once ... I don't know why I was different to my friends and also 99% of people I know even today. I am sooo happy that I don't & after loosing so many loved ones I am even more obsessed with trying to take care of the one precious body I was given. I don't need to drink to dance like a fool, and boy do I dance lol... and I do not need to smoke to look cool, because (and please don't be offended if you are a LOVER of the smoking ) but, it's not cool, its dirty, it's smelly, expensive & from what I can see, when it's cold outside and you defiantly do not look cool freezing to death just to take part in all of the above  ... and most of all it kills people and leaves families heartbroken, smoking causes nothing but bad things :( Theres not one positive to smoking or excessive drinking, taking drugs or abusing your body with food  .. so if you do any of the above ... please think about making a positive change. - anyway.... I'm missing my point here lol.. So .... I found fitness at just the right time I guess. I was never allowed to stay out late or be anywhere without telling my parents where I was & by the time I had walked the 50 mins home from step aerobics, got changed out of my matching lycra leotard and shorts, my high cut Rebook Trainers and huge white roll down socks.. and matching headband of course lol... then been dropped off at whichever ''house'' the ''party'' was at ( and as always I was given a time to be home, and when I say home.. my parents meant 10 mins earlier than this time lol ... and ''not a minute after !!'' ) ... I would turn up to be faced with exactly what I am faced with every-time I go out today @ 32 year old. I am used to it by now, but I know from my friends that do drink, they say that there is nothing worse than being sober in a room full of drunken people. I wonder why this is ?? Is it because they need to drink to have a good time ?? or they are faced with the reality of how drunken people behave and would prefer to be in it, and oblivious to the behaviour, than see it ?? I'm not sure ... anyway, one thing I do know is that it really makes me so sad to see the beautiful young girls sitting on the steps of clubs/bars, or stumbling with no shoes, head in hands, make up all over the place, normally one shoe on lol and being sick ... clearly not even knowing where they are or where their friends have gone - it's all just seems so un-necessary at any age. Then, of course, there are the boys/men fighting, stumbling about all over, shouting at women and turning into ''mr tickle'' for the night. Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying this is everyone, or that I am pushing my opinion on anyone - it's your choice how you live your life ..... However, If I had a choice I wouldn't have any of them available period. I don't understand the need to abuse your body with anything, not having any of these things has never made my life less unfulfilled in any way. They are all so harmful in one way or another and altho food isn't a ''drug'' as such, having an unhealthily diet can cause just as much damage inside and out. That's not the point of this post though :) .... the point of this post is peer pressure .... I find it odd that I will go out and someone will question the fact that I don't drink ... guaranteed the first thing they will say is... ''what?? ever ??''  or ''not even one ??'' ... to which I always reply  ''no'' .... and the next reply is always the same ''go on, just try it... just a sip, it tastes like pop'' (like that's a good enough reason lol)...... I can see it coming before the words pass their lips.... *shakes head* How funny is it that if I was asked if I smoked and replied ''no sorry'' those same people wouldn't expect me to put a fag (cigarette) in my mouth and start puffing away in the freezing cold...lol..  I find this happening in sooooo many situations in life with things other than what I am talking about as well. The amount of people I have been lucky enough to have trained or trained with who have a night out planned and they have been on target with a whole week of amazing clean eating, really positive results, knowing their goals and doing everything right - and with one night out end up blowing it all !! - My heart sinks when I think about it. For what ?? normally an average night with drinking and take away or bad food choices ... all because your 'friends' were making you feel uncomfortable, or not involved etc. or you were in a situation that your were just not mentally strong enough for yet or prepared for. So as to not offend anyone or to feel part of the 'group', you join in, and the next day, you are so bummed out because, lets be honest - it's never worth it, you just feel rubbish, and then training is rubbish !! not for a day.. for days & days after just as you get back to your rhythm - you are back at the weekend dilemma .... and the cycle begins again because you haven't been honest & true to yourself and found the strength to say NO... it just seems like a constant battle to keep your head above water. It's the same when people bring home take away or go out for food, or bring cakes, cookies and biscuits to work etc.... or any social event that involves will power to get through the day / night. I don't think people realize it's so easy to fall when you are trying to give up a habit - but to make this change you have to be proud of your new choices & make friends and loved ones aware of it so they understand, and those that don't you can prepare when a situation with them arises etc. Just the slightest bit of temptation makes it almost impossible to resist diving off the wagon and scoffing every single thing in sight, I know this, Im human :D and once you start you can't stop right ?  - the ''ill start monday'' comes in (you know the days... I like to call them the f**k it days lol when you say to yourself.... it's a new day tomorrow, I'll start again, when every bit of you is devastated you gave in .... again !!!!). So my point of this Blog (that I am aware sometimes takes a side road to the final journey lol sorry, I type how I talk lol ) ....is,  if you are aiming towards a goal... be proud to say ''no thank-you'' or ''I don't eat/drink that'' to those things you know you don't need to eat or drink or smoke or take .... This is a whole new lifestyle choice, your not missing out, we still have treats but we do it in the right way - in moderation :). I promise those nights you do go out will be so special as you will have really earned it :). Remind yourself - You are looking after yourself and you making choices that support your goals and targets & if the people around you don't understand that then try to stay positive and remember all the hard work you have put into it :)) and keep strong. Walk away & try to avoid putting yourself into situations you know will make you feel tempted or awkward. For Friends of those who are trying to change their lifestyle  -  If you do have a friend or you are a friend of someone who's trying to make positive changes ... may I ask one thing - that you help them along, be supportive as let me tell you, it's really hard to do !! and even easier to fall off the wagon when u don;t have anyone telling you no or when your not being supported. That's why I always make sure I try to answer you on my Facebook page as I know how hard it can be. Somedays just one reply can change everything !! - just like one workout does right ;) Please don't just try to ''fit in'' .... be you... be beautiful and be PROUD of your new lifestyle and positive steps ..... It's your life... Live it how you wish & don't let anyone tell you can't do this and that you are anything but perfect ... because you are, theres no one else like you, you are original, be proud of that and shine !! Love Always, L xx For More Inspiration click - Here 

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