Will Victoria's Secret models lead the way to a makeup free 2015?

For years now, contouring and perfectly applied eyes and lips have been the makeup norm but could 2015 be the year it all changes? 2014 was the year of breaking beauty boundaries, with a slew of campaigns advocating for natural beauty- no photoshop allowed. Laws have since come into effect in some countries, requiring warning labels be placed in ads that have used photoshop. The campaign for natural beauty seems to have trickled down to the stage right before airbrushing usually comes into play: makeup. If you look at the Spring 2015 runway looks, makeup is minimal, if at all used. Marc Jacobs spring 2015 Ralph Lauren spring 2015 Rebecca Minkoff spring 2015 Prabal Gurung spring 2015 And for all the makeup they’re usually seen in on the runway and in ad campaigns, most of the models you see in the pages of Vogue prefer the natural look themselves.When snapped on the streets, off the runway, Victoria’s Secret models like Karlie Kloss, Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel are usually bare faced and natural. Karlieadriana-lima-no-makeup Candice “Millennials are experimenting with more fashion and makeup statements that express authenticity. For many young women, less is becoming more. It seems as if women's voices are joining together and being heard: We want to feel and look attractive, but there isn't just one way to do that. We want to look like ourselves, not someone else,” psychologist Vivian Diller explains. “Finally, real may be the new beautiful.” We're all taught that the models on the runway with their immaculately applied faces is what we should aspire to look like on a daily basis, but in truth, Diller is right- we just want to look like our selves, damn it. If a natural look is the trend of 2015, bring it on. I just don't know how Kim Kardashian is going to cope.  

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