With "Big Gal Yoga" This Woman Teaches The Importance Of Self Love

Four years after beginning her yoga practice, Valerie has over 50,000 followers on Instagram. She runs the "Big Gal Yoga" account that features impressive poses as well as one heck of an inspirational message. Valerie is trying to spread self love -- no matter what. [caption id="attachment_108934" align="alignnone" width="534"]valerie (Photo: @biggalyoga)[/caption] On her Tumblr, Valerie wrote, "I just hope to keep spreading self love through yoga. Loving ourselves is such radical thinking. I know that we can’t always love ourselves all the time, but we should have a good understanding of ourselves physically and mentally. To try and not to tear ourselves down about such small things." [caption id="attachment_108935" align="alignnone" width="535"]valerie2 (Photo: @biggalyoga)[/caption] [caption id="attachment_108937" align="alignnone" width="548"]valerie3 (Photo: @biggalyoga)[/caption] Those are some impressive skills! Valerie's message is truly inspirational! And she's right, self-love is a form of radical thinking. A form of radical thinking we should all try! What do you think? Is Valerie's practice and message healthy and inspirational? Source: Elite Daily Photos: @biggalyoga

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