Wives Tales that are the Real Deal #14: Hot Baths and Pregnancy

This isn't one of the most common wives' tales around, but it's one that I have heard a few times: Don't take a bath if you're trying to conceive, as hot baths reduce the chances of pregnancy. If you are a woman, you can disregard this wives' tale entirely. In fact, a hot bath (not too hot, mind you!) can help you to relax, and we all know that relaxation plays an important part in the conception process. For men, however, this is something you'll need to remember if you are trying to start a family.   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="615"] Source: www.ehow.com[/caption] According to a study done at the University of San Francisco, spending a lot of time in hot baths can significantly reduce not just sperm count, but also sperm motility. Switching to hot showers increased the sperm count by almost 500%--a pretty significant increase for those who are serious about conceiving! So, no matter how tempting that hot tub looks, think twice before getting in, men!
Featured Image Source: www.sodahead.com
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