Wives Tales that are the Real Deal #2: Hairy Babies

Have you ever heard this old wives' tale: If you have heartburn during pregnancy, it means you will have a hairy baby. That may sound way too far-fetched to be legit, but according to a study done at the Johns Hopkins University, there is a correlation between the two. The study followed 64 women--all pregnant. About 78% of the women suffered from heartburn during their pregnancy, and once the babies were born photos of the newborns were given to third-party participants to rate on the scale of "hairy" to "not hairy". [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="609"] Source: blog.aimandarrow.com[/caption] 28 women reported that they suffered from heartburn ranging from moderate to severe, and 23 of the women's babies had either average or above-average hair at birth. Of the 12 women who reported that they suffered from NO heartburn, 10 of the babies were born with no hair--or very little. How extra-hairy babies cause heartburn, doctors still aren't certain. All they know is that there is a legit correlation between heartburn in pregnant women and hairy babies!  
Featured Image Source:www.adweek.com
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