Wives Tales that are the Real Deal #25: Hot Tap Water

Most people in America take drinking water for granted. They buy bottled water, but even the stuff that comes out of the tap is clean enough to drink. Or is it? Check out today's wives' tale: Don't drink the hot water from the tap, as it is dangerous. Turns out that this wives' tale also has some legitimate truth to it. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="506"] Source: caminodesantiago.me[/caption] The New York Times published an article explaining how drinking hot water actually CAN be dangerous. What happens is that the hot water runs through pipes, many of which are made with lead, copper, and other heavy metals. Hot water is much more likely to cause corrosion of the pipes, and the heavy metals can leech into the hot water. When the water sits in the pipes, it is likely to leech more of the metals than cold water. So, it's true that it's best NOT to drink the hot water from the tap, as environmental scientists agree that there is truly something to worry about.  
Featured Image Source: blog.fooducate.com
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