Wives Tales that are the Real Deal #3: Cheese and Dreams

I love cheese! There's nothing quite like a bit of blue cheese with fresh baguette and wine as a semi-romantic evening with the missus. Which is why the following wives' tale makes me a bit sad: Eating cheese before going to bed gives you odd dreams. There is a very uppity-sounding organization in the UK called "The British Cheese Board", and these fine gentlemen had a study conducted into the legitimacy of this tale. Turns out it's actually true! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="608"] Source: bbci.co.uk[/caption] Interestingly enough, the dreams differed according to the types of cheese eaten by the participants in the study. For example:
  • Those who ate Stilton cheese experienced crazy dreams about such things as vegetarian crocodiles unable to eat children or soldiers fighting with kittens instead of guns.
  • Those who had a pre-bedtime snack of Cheddar cheese had dreams about their favorite celebrities
  • Those who enjoyed some Red Leicester cheese had nostalgic dreams about times gone by.
What could cause this? One theory: eating cheese can cause indigestion, which can disrupt your sleep, which can in turn cause nightmares.  
Featured Image Source:www.foodsubs.com
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