Wives Tales that are the Real Deal #4: Apples and Doctors

Apples are one of the best snack foods around, and it's the subject of one of the wives tales that every single one of our mothers have told us: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, this wives' tale isn't 100% true, but there is a bit of truth to the claim. First of all, the crunchy texture of apples is EXCELLENT for your teeth. You can prevent a lot of dental problems by eating at least one apple every day.   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="648"] Source: silverbulletin.utopiasilver.com[/caption] A study published in Science Daily discovered that giving an apple a day to everyone over the age of 50 would prevent something like 8,500 deaths related to cardiovascular problems. A study done at the University of Ulster found that apples contain special phenols that can fight colorectal cancer, while a Cornell University study discovered the ability of apples to prevent breast cancer formation. While apples may not be a cure-all, they certainly can help to improve your health!  
Featured Image Source:health.howstuffworks.com
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