Wives Tales that are the Real Deal #8: Chocolate and PMS

We've all seen those memes The wives' tale--also passed on as sage advice from stressed father to clueless son--is: Chocolate helps to relieve the symptoms of PMS. Giving a woman chocolate during PMS is certainly the best way for men to survive, but it turns out that there is truth in this wives' tale. Up to 50% of women get hit with chocolate cravings during "shark week", but researchers believe that the cravings may be just women wanting the "feel good" sensation that accompanies eating chocolate. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Source: bigislandnow.com[/caption] Chocolate contains chemicals that cause your body to produce mood-boosting chemicals, which is why you feel so happy when eating the chocolate. Dark chocolate is the best source of these chemicals, so women who want to deal with the symptoms of PMS should go for the healthier, more natural source of chocolate. Chocolate also contains antioxidants, specifically one called anandamide. This antioxidant has been proven to have a calming effect on women. It is also believed that the carbohydrates in chocolate satisfies the hormone-driven cravings.  
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