Woman Asked To Lose Weight By Her Employer As She Was "Distracting" Men

Despite his fear of 'looking sexist', a woman (we will call her Jane) was called into her boss's office to discuss some rather awkward business. "He said that over the past few months he’s received a lot of complaints from the other staff about my appearance." Jane explains in a rant she posted to Reddit. "I was absolutely dumbfounded, since I’ve always been extremely conscious of my professional appearance, to the point of often going kind of overboard about it." Her boss continued to explain that he had received complaints from co-workers about her body, and that it had caused a distraction particularly within the male demographic. "He said that it’s not my clothes that’s the issue, but my body. He said that I’m creating a 'sexually tense environment' by 'parading around' the office. I was absolutely stunned. I felt like an 8th grader getting lectured by the principal for distracting the boys." Jane says. Could this woman really be sexually harassing her male co-workers just by...well...showing up to work? [bctt tweet="Woman Asked To Lose Weight By Her Employer As She Was "Distracting" Men"] "He went on to say that I should “remedy the problem” by losing 20 pounds. I guess he thinks this will automatically decrease my cup size? I’m not trying to back door brag here, but I’m 5’7” and usually hover around 120 pounds. I’m very active and I keep to a pretty healthy diet already, so I don’t know how I could lose 20 pounds anyway without going on a dangerous crash diet." As of now, Jane still maintains her job and hasn't taken steps to lose the required 20 pounds. What are your thoughts on this weird discrimination in the work place? Have you ever experienced this type of issue? Source: Stylelite  

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