Woman Attracts 34% More Matches On Tinder After Photoshopping Breasts

When women seek out cosmetic surgery, it is rarely to appeal to men. In fact, most breast resizing procedures are done purely for the satisfaction of the women receiving them. So while the size of your bra never determines your self-worth or your level of attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite s*x, researchers decided to run a little experiment on the dating app Tinder to see if having larger breasts would "enhance the chances of love". A female profile was developed using the image of pretty blonde 24-year-old named Carla. Carla authentically has smaller breasts which can be seen in her Tinder photos. The profile was posted and amount of response it got (quite a significant number) was recorded. 602 matches were totalled at the end of Carla's first appearance on the app. Next, the researchers increased her bust size. dating site finding love Carla digitally went from an A to a DD. She received 809 matches as a larger bra size. However, the larger breasts came with more vulgar comments and blatantly s*xual requests. tinder experiment Overall, the increase in bust size saw a 34% jump in matches. However, it did not result in Carla attracting any quality guys. The research concluded that while men on the internet are likely to respond positively to, well, anything boob-related, it does not necessarily mean that breast-size has anything to do with a woman's level of attractiveness. [bctt tweet="Woman Attracts 34% More Matches On Tinder After Photoshopping Breasts"] breast size attractiveness level Whether your breasts are big or small, the most important secret to finding love is loving yourself. There is no 'ideal' body type that makes you more desirable. A radiant confidence is the most important accessory you can wear! (And maybe Tinder isn't the best dating pool for finding the love of your life) What are your thoughts on this study? Share your Tinder dating stories with us. Source: Make Yourself Amazing [caption id="attachment_122206" align="alignleft" width="100"]@BodyRockTV @BodyRockTV[/caption] [caption id="attachment_122205" align="alignleft" width="100"]instagram logo @BodyRockOfficial[/caption]

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