Woman Copyrights Boobs to Get Naked Pics Offline

An unidentified woman has been forced to copyright her own breasts after naked pictures of her were posted online by her ex boyfriend. Yet another victim of revenge porn. In case you are unfamiliar, revenge porn is where ticked off exes, usually dudes, post naked pictures of their ex girls online (on sites that cater to this type of disgusting behaviour) as a form of public retribution and humiliation. Unfortunately, only 17 states have laws against this act which means this particular gal was forced to get creative. So, she had them copyrighted then filed a takedown notice under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. To do this, she had to provide a copy of the item she was looking to copyright. I'm guessing this lead to an interesting answer to the "how was your day?" question at the dinner table. It goes without saying that the woman found this mortifying, having to expose herself once more -- to the government, no less. Since doing this, she's managed to get a few sites to remove the picture but every time she Googles her name, she finds more. It is frightening how difficult these things are to contain! If you are reading this and have thought of exacting sweet revenge by posting your ex, don't. It is not only pathetic and morally bankrupt, but the owner of a revenge porn site in California was just sentenced to 18 years in prison. Politicians have stated that they will make revenge porn cases a top priority so even if you are 'only' a contributor, you could be in trouble down the road as just like the woman in the photo, your name could be attached to that post forever. Revenge is a great idea, in theory. Dream about it, fantasize but take the higher road in reality. It isn't worth the compromise to your character.  

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