What This Woman Discovered in Her Taco Bell Nachos Will Terrify You

Kailynn Roland wasn't anything but nachos when she placed her order at a Taco Bell drive-thru in Florida. But what she discovered when she took her first bite will make you think twice about your next fast food cheat meal. taco bell "It's gross and then I puked." explains Kailynn after finding a French-tip nail lurking in her nachos. Kailynn had already returned to the restaurant because the employees had gotten her order wrong the first time. So she was shocked that they had made an even bigger blunder the second time around. When Kailynn called the Taco Bell to complain, the manager gave her a false number to the company's head office. This story was immediately rushed to the local media, and now it has been picked up nationally. Once Taco Bell got word of the news breaking, they gave Kailynn $40 worth of restaurant gift cards to make peace. Kailynn and her husband refused the gift cards, vowing they will not be diving into another plate of nachos from any Taco Bell ever again. All Kailynn has asked for is an apology from the company and that the unhygienic employee who dropped their nail in her food to be fired. Taco Bell has not responded as of yet. Have you ever experienced a fast food horror story? Share your thoughts with us! Source: Cosmopolitan

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