Woman Hospitalized Because Skinny Jeans Cut Off Her Blood Supply

A 35 year old Australian woman was taken to hospital because of a serious medical issue inflicted by her super tight skinnies. The woman was wearing her skinny jeans as she helped organize a relative's house. Her constant squatting in the restrictive pants caused a lack of blood flow to her limbs, and she collapsed on the walk home that evening. It was dark and no one was around, so the woman lay motionless for a considerable amount of time before she was able to crawl her way to a busier street and hail down a cab. At the hospital, doctors cut the woman out of her skinnies and determined that her blood supply was restricted due to the jeans and the squatting position she was assuming for most of the day. Blood had been prevented from reaching her calf muscles, and as a result, two critical nerves had been damaged in her legs. "It was a surprise to us that someone could get such severe nerve and muscle damage from the activity she described. The clothing she was wearing was the critical factor." Dr. Thomas Kimber, Neurologist and Professor at the University of Adelaide explained to the Sydney Morning Herald. The woman spent 4 days in the hospital, and despite some weaknesses in her legs, she is making a steady recovery. Dr. Kimber advises that wearing skinny jeans while doing activities that require kneeling or squatting is not recommended, and in cases such as this, can even be dangerous! What are your thoughts on skinny jeans? Have you ever risked your health for the sake of fashion?

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