Woman Left In Pain And Unable To Sit After Botched Butt Lift

Heidi Faulkner did what many hope to do and changed her life by losing a pile of weight. She began her journey at 16 stone (224 pounds) and got herself down to 8 stone (112 pounds) over three years with the help of a gastric band. She's a size 6 and is thrilled but she wasn't happy with how certain parts of her body were looking. She says:

"The fluctuation in my weight left me with loose skin on my stomach and legs and wrinkly folds and sagging skin around my hips and bum. 

I was a 30-something with the body of an 80-something old woman. My son used to say, "Mum, it looks like your bum has melted. 'My skin looked like candle wax dripping down the back of my legs.

It had no shape, my buttocks was flat and exercise wasn’t making any difference."

Determined to do something about it, Faulkner saved the money and went to Prague for a better price on her surgery. Having already had a tummy tuck procedure at the same facility, she wasn't concerned about the results she'd get from this operation.

Unfortunately, upon waking up from surgery, she found there was lots to be concerned about. Faulkner explains:

"When I looked in the mirror I could see these two enormous diagonal scars right across my misshapen buttocks. I thought I must be having a nightmare or the drugs were affecting me. Then, I heard someone screaming, and realized it was me. It looked just like a shark had come and taken a massive bite out of my bum. It was horrific. They called the surgeon who said it would be fine when the swelling went down."

But it wasn't fine. The surgeon had removed so much fat from her back side that her tailbone was left exposed which made sitting down painful.


Having spent all her money on her various procedures, Faulkner was left with no way to pay to correct this devastating mess up. Fortunately, Botched Up Bodies came to the rescue and sent her to see Harley Street surgeon Patrick Mallucci. After taking fat from Faulkner's knees and thighs, her butt was rebuilt and she is able to sit. Although still covered in scars, Faulkner reports that she is doing her squats to build muscle and improve shape. It isn't a perfect fix but it is certainly better than it was.


Would you take on the risks involved with surgery after an extreme weight loss? I can't say I wouldn't. Share your thoughts with us!

h/t: Daily Mail

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