Woman Loses Half Her Body Weight In just Six Months Is Accused Of Faking Transformation Photos

20-year-old, Abigail Peters, whipped herself into shape. She sweated, she toiled, she worked hard and after just six months, she lost half of her bodyweight. When she shared her results on social media, she was absolutely floored by the response. Peters weighed 232 pounds and used to love to binge on junk food, but decided to change her life after being inspired by personal transformations she found on social media sites. Working with a trainer and following a strict diet, she went from a size 18 to a size 6. After, posting her results online, she was immediately accused of airbrushing her images! "I was really proud to be able to share my photos once I'd reached my target weight and size, so I was shocked when people accused me of being a fake. They were just keyboard warriors who didn't even know me, but I suppose I should take it as a compliment," she says. INPOST (8) Before last year, Peters didn't care much for exercise and as her weight continued to go up, she felt frustration and disappointment set in. "After Christmas I got even bigger and I got so upset when I saw other people's transformations," she said. "I just wanted to be a size 12, but up until that point I had eaten anything I wanted. I would have full-fat drinks from Starbucks, McDonald's for lunch, takeaways in the evening." Abigail Peters [bctt tweet="Woman Loses Half Her Body Weight In just Six Months Is Accused Of Faking Transformation Photos"] She said her parents would 'nag' her to eat better, but it fell on deaf ears until she began training with personal trainer, Ryan Evans. Abigail notes that she was incredibly nervous during her first session and couldn't stop laughing, but she stuck with it anyway. "I was mainly doing weights from then on. That made sure I wouldn't have saggy skin or stretch marks as I was toning up my skin," she says. "I did the diet plan Ryan created for me over a few months. I would have bacon, eggs and cheese for breakfast, chicken or fish salad for lunch and yoghurt with dark berries. In the last few months I swapped to his nutrition programme called Tactical, where you can eat whatever you want provided you get the correct amount of protein for your size and weight." After eight weeks of the program, Peters was finally wearing a size 12. She was fully committed to keep going. People online commented that her results were 'impossible' and clearly 'faked.' Peters admits that she was upset at first. Though after a little while, she became flattered by people's comments. She says, "I went to Cuba last month and it was the first time I've ever worn a bikini and felt good. I put up a selfie of myself in my new bikini on holiday on my birthday - by that point I just didn't care what anyone said." And why should she care? We've seen similar comments on stories and photos that come from real BodyRockers. People look for every inconsistency possible and even fabricate a few. We, as a culture, seem loathe to accept what can be accomplished through hard work and dedication. But it is important to remember that it is possible. As her trainer says, "anyone can achieve what Abigail has, if you want it enough and you give yourself enough time and don't rush it." Remember, none of us are like anyone else. What Peters did in six months, might take you longer. That's okay! Don't ever let what someone else says to you or about you stand in the way of going after what you want! At the end of the day, you know who you are and you know how far you've come. Keep your head held high. You can do it! Source: Daily Star

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