Woman Loses Half Of Her Body Weight And Wins Bikini Competition

Conner Rensch is an online inspiration! The 26-year-old from Nebraska, went from weighing 271 pounds to 130 pounds, and now inspires others to change their life through her work as a fitness model. Once upon a time, Rensch was called "fat and ugly" and bullied for her weight. With the help of a nutritionist and a personal trainer, Rensch was able to fight back against her sweet tooth and get her weight under control. Now, she shares her story and her weight loss images with her 36,000 Instagram followers. bikini5 After reaching her goal weight, Rensch did something incredibly brave. She not only put on a bikini for the very first time, she did so while competing in the 2015 World Beauty Fitness And Fashion contest. "It took me a while to share my story," Rensch says. "Posting photos of myself online was scary and I never imagined I would be doing a bikini contest but the most powerful thing during weight loss was I realised anything I put my mind to I can do. It was first time I wore a bikini. I showed people that I am proud of what I have done." bikini1 [bctt tweet="Woman Loses Half Of Her Body Weight And Wins Bikini Competition"] When she was a teen, Rensch went on diet after diet but could not lose any weight. Picked on and ostracized, eating was the only thing that gave her comfort. In her freshman year at college, she met with the trainer and nutritionist that would help her turn her life around. (Are you ready to turn your diet around? Check out the 30-day BodyRock Meal Plan to kick start your healthy eating habits). bikini3   She began doing kickboxing, cardio and weight lifting while giving up all processed foods. By doing this, she lost 23 pounds in 21 days! This gave her all the motivation she needed to keep going. But, of course, the journey wasn't always easy. "The biggest change was emotionally - I was my biggest bully," she says. "Now I've learned to be kind to myself." (Get your own body moving by participating in the free BodyRock Beginner Bootcamp and/or the BodyRock Intermediate Bootcamp -- new, expertly designed workouts, delivered to your inbox every day for free). bikini2 Rensch's body isn't "flawless" but she is proud and inspired by it just the same. "I am so proud of my scars and stretch marks as they tell my story and how far I've come," she said. "It was amazing to get up there [the fitness competition] and they shared my story as I walked out - it was such a proud moment for me, all my family was there." What an incredible transformation! Rensch has done what so many feel is impossible and done so with grace and dignity! Are you inspired by her story? Source: Daily Mail  

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