Woman Sheds 160lbs And Reveals The Dark Side Of Weight Loss

This woman's celebrated journey to health and happiness was not what it appeared on the outside. Wisconsin native Julia Kozerski was only 25 when she tipped the scales 338 pounds. After getting married, Julia knew she didn't want her life cut short by her excess weight and vowed to herself to change her life for the better. "It was then that I knew I needed to revamp my lifestyle and make positive changes that would not only benefit myself, but my family as well. Through calorie counting, focus on nutrition, portion control, and increased exercise, my efforts have resulted in a loss of over 160lbs." the now 31-year-old explained. julia kozerski photo series Outwardly, her friends and family were overjoyed to see Julia's physical changes. But underneath her clothes and inside her heart, Julia was experiencing some very telling emotions. She faced a new set of struggles: insecurity, anxiety and longing. The excess skin that remained only contributed to her sadness and made her loathe the body she was in. Through a powerful photo series, Julia communicates the pain she endured after her weight loss transformation. "We are all "flawed" in some way. But if you know that you are not alone and that there is no 'normal' -- no 'right' or 'wrong' -- you can live openly and freely." Julia commented. emotions mental disorders She hopes that the images she captured help those who are on their own life journey to see the darker side of extreme weight loss that no one talks about. She wants those who view the photos to know that they are not alone, and that these feelings are never permanent. Julia has learned to heal her emotional wounds, but she still faces body image issues every day. Can you relate to Julia's battles? Have you recently lost an extreme amount of weight? Source: Daily Mail All images: Julia Kozerski

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