This Woman Was Told She Would Never Dance Ballet. Look Where She Is Now.

At the age of 13, Misty Copeland was given some gut wrenching news. Her dreams of becoming a ballerina were dashed after receiving a letter from the dance academy she applied to, stating that her entire body: her bust to her torso to her feet were completely wrong. And the letter also implicated that she was too old to be even considered. Ballet                     It was true that Misty's body shape was not that of a traditional ballerina. Despite her rejection, her love of the art couldn't deter her from trying. Her large bust and thick, toned legs would not stand in her way. Either would the fact that ballet has very few black female dancers. Ballet At age 18, Misty was still dancing. And the American Ballet Theater was taking notice. Now, at 32, Misty is a soloist with the company and debuting in "Swan Lake" in the lead role. She has become a voice for diversity in dance and is making history. She is also an author and has been named one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People. How does Misty maintain such a gorgeously athletic frame? Apart from her rigorous ballet practices of course... ballet "No sugary drinks. I pretty much stick to water and wine on occasion. I eat fish but no other meat." Misty explains. "No white flour, white bread, white sugar, etc. But ballet is really enough, especially in season, to keep our figures aesthetically appropriate." Misty is proud of her accomplishments, and excited to undergo the next chapter in her career. Her best advice? "You can do anything you want, even if you are being told negative things….stay strong and find motivation." What are your thoughts on this inspirational woman? Share them with us!   Do you follow us on Instagram?
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