This Woman Will Change Everything You Thought You Knew About Body Image

The classic weight loss before and after shot often features on one side: a once heavier person, always looking a little bemused by the situation, slouched over revealing their "unwanted" flab. The opposite side shows them looking fit and toned, after many weeks or months of hard work. This before and after selfie of Taryn Brumfett's...well it's a little different. Tary-Brumfitt-Embraceframe Taryn is a 36 year old mom of three who boldly made the decision to enter a bikini competition after struggling with achieving a positive body image. She thought her rock-hard abs and muscular arms would have her feeling a hell of a lot sexier, slimmer and more confident. Taryn recalls what she used to tell her reflection in the mirror, before getting fit. "You are so disgusting. You shouldn’t go out. Your husband doesn’t want to be with you. You are gross. Look at how your tummy wobbles.'' img_52b6b36d8ff27 So she fought against these thoughts. She lost weight, entered the bikini contest and considered going under the knife for a boob job and tummy tuck. But nothing took away those thoughts, and Taryn began to realize she wouldn't be able to teach her children about loving themselves when she was striving so hard to escape her self-hate. ''We are constantly told to be something other than what we are,'' she says. ''That we are gross or that we need to change ... We're not encouraged to love our bodies unless they conform to one idea of beauty ... but beauty is so much more." taryn She started a blog, which has turned into a movement, which then turned into a documentary. The Embrace movement inspires women all over the world to love their bodies. As for Taryn, she has gained back the weight and has begun doing good for her body by healthy eating and loving herself. Her real self. What do you think of Taryn's inspiring story and message? Share your opinions with us!

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