Woman With Large Facial Birthmark Shares Unforgettable Message

23-year-old UK native Lexxie Harford wasn't always aware of being 'different'. It was when she turned 9 that she began to question the birthmark and skin discolouration that appears on her face. Initially she wanted to cover these imperfections and hide from the world, but by the time the beautiful blonde entered college, she was through with concealing things. facial birthmark Lexxie has been contacted by two different British television shows which centre around people who are considered 'undateable' do to mental or physical abnormalities. This prompted Lexxie to speak out about people with these conditions. [bctt tweet="Woman With Large Facial Birthmark Shares Unforgettable Message"] "If [people with birthmarks] accepted themselves, they really wouldn’t go on a show like that. I would try and get that person to see themselves differently.” she explains. heterochromia discolouration skin eyes hair Both of those incidents triggered Lexxie to start posting photos of her real, uncovered face to raise awareness online about birthmarks and the condition heterochromia, which she suffers from. “It was really amazing in terms of the fact that I’ve always wanted to raise awareness; I just never figured out how. The next time they see someone with a birthmark they won’t forget. They’ll know what it is and they won’t get freaked out.” the character artist says. So far Lexxie's online response has been very positive and people are pleased to see someone embracing their condition and radiating beauty from it. Are you inspired by Lexxie's courage? Have you ever embraced an imperfection? Source: Hello Giggles  

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