Woman's Botched Boob Job Leaves Her Looking Like She Has Four Breasts

Extreme Beauty Disasters is a show on TLC that is all about the horror stories of cosmetic surgery. One these horror stories belongs to, Stacy. Stacy had a boob job in 2008 and was very happy with the work. But soon, things started to shift and 3 years later she was left looking like she had 4 breasts. Dr. Vijh was able to explain the problem: "The reason this has happened is the implants were placed under the muscle. This holds the implants high, but Stacy's own breasts are heavy and they hang low. I will have to put new implants in — but put them in the right place." Now, Stacy is all fixed up and everything is perfecto. To see what Stacy's breasts looked like before the corrective surgery, click here (and you can go here for the before and after side by side). At BodyRock, our trainers have been upfront about their breast augmentations. Many of you may know that Lisa experienced some complications with her own enhancement. We fully support you in whatever your decision regarding cosmetic surgery but use poor Stacy as a reminder that not all breast augmentations go smoothly and there are risks that women have to be aware of.

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