This Woman's Incredible Before and After Photos of Her Body Will Inspire You Forever

Kudos to this woman for taking on a fitness transformation that took almost 2 years! Redditor ahhhgodzilla posted a description of her journey by telling users that she started by joining a gym on her therapists suggestion.
I started my fitness journey around August of 2013. The reason I started working out is because I was extremely depressed and refusing to go back on anti-depressants. I went and saw a therapist and she recommended that I join a gym and start working out 3 times a week. I reluctantly obliged and to be completely honest I absolutely hated it. I hated how uncomfortable I felt there, that I obviously had no idea what I was doing. Most of all I hated the millions of mirrors everywhere, having the person I hated the most staring back at me... It took me about 3 months to somewhat enjoy it. It took me about 6 months to start changing my eating habits, when I began I would eat fast food at least twice a day. I slowly started cutting out the fast food and began cooking my own meals.
Her hard work obviously paid off. Have a look at the before and after of her arms! June 2013: Looking better in October 2013: April 2015, welcome to the gun show!: "I have been the same weight for roughly seven months now and look completely different," she said in the comments on her post. "It's not [all] about weight, it's about how you look and feel." Amen to that! This story just gets better, have a look at the evolution of her abs! July 2014: October 2014: January 2015: April 2015? Serious six-pack, baby!: "My progress has been fairly slow. I'm sure if I completely changed my lifestyle all at once that my results would have been a lot more impressive in a much shorter amount of time, but it would not have been sustainable." This is something we should all remember: sustainable change has to happen at YOUR pace. She tells her readers,"the most important thing is that I didn't give up."  I couldn't agree more. Never give up. Does this inspire you to continue on your journey for a healthy body?

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