Do Women Who Lift Really Need Validation From Men?

First, let me just start out by saying that this story is not a joke. A study first reported by the UK's Daily Mail, found that 63% of men would rather date a girl who lifts, while 74% of men say watching a girl use the squat bench is their favorite "spectator exercise". Of the women polled, more than half say they train "like a man" with free weights and bars. Weight-Lifting-Benefits-Women Hmm...(raises hand) I have a question... Tell me again, why women should care if men think they are attractive because they lift? The benefits of lifting weights have never been exclusive to men. Starting and maintaining healthy habits should also not be "for a man", and if you are a man, you shouldn't be doing it for a woman either. Exercising, in general is best for all: men, women and children. So, is a study like this supposed to make women feel better? It's already awkward and intimidating enough when you just want to go workout, get your gains on, and pretend like you're not being stared at by your male counterparts. Maybe this study was conducted with the best of intentions, from a business perspective it probably makes sense to know what your marketing demographics are. BUT, when you tell the general population, "Hey, it's cool for you to lift weights now because MEN think its sexy", aren't we just perpetuating an already backwards mindset and culture? What do you think BodyRocker's? Comment below, we would love to hear your thoughts!    

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