Women Spend 2 Weeks Per Year Primping

If it takes you the time equivalent of a full episode of Game of Thrones to get ready, you're not alone;  Surveys show women spend an average of 55 minutes a day primping.  That's 335 hours - or an entire two week vacation! - spent grooming. While appearance and first impressions are undeniably important in our culture, the time it takes us to get ready should not constitute a significant portion of our lives. Life is short and should be spent living and learning, experiencing and growing. How are we to advance ourselves when our thoughts are so occupied with our appearance? It seems so shallow. Unfortunately there seems to be more praise for outer appearance then for [bctt tweet="Women Spend 2 Weeks Per Year Primping"] According to a  TODAY/AOL Ideal to Real Body Image Survey released in early 2014
  • Adult women worry more regularly about their appearance (67 percent at least once a week or more) than they do about finances (62 percent), health (49 percent), family/relationships (46 percent) or professional success (40 percent). Men aren’t far behind, either, with 53 percent regularly worrying about their appearance. Only finances – at 59 percent – rank higher among weekly worries for men.
  • Whether they are engaging in “fat talk” or “old talk,” 77 percent of adult women and 80 percent of teen girls complained about their appearance to someone at least once in the past month.
  • Appearance worries hit moms hard. 73 percent of moms regularly worry about their appearance, compared to 65 percent of women without children. Plus, 57 percent of moms worry about how their own body image affects their children.
women spend time primping
  • Forty-one percent of adult women say that selfies and other flattering online photos make them "feel more confident,” but 46 percent say “overall, social media makes me feel more self-conscious about my appearance.” Sixty-five percent of teen girls say selfies and flattering online pictures make them feel confident, while 55 percent report feeling selfie-conscious.
  • 78 percent of women surveyed said they spent almost an hour a day on their appearance to "feel better about themselves." Looking good seems to be its own reward for women.
  • Nearly two-thirds (62 percent) of millennials (those age 16-34) worry that people are judging their appearance. On the upside, we fret less with age: 51 percent of Gen Xers (ages 35 to 49) and 35 percent of Boomers (ages 50 to 68) share that worry.
  • Eighty percent of teen girls compare themselves to glamorous celebrity images. Among those, nearly half are left feeling dissatisfied with their appearance. It makes sense that 56 percent of teen girls wish photo-shopping of models and celebrities would stop.
Do you fall into any of these categories?

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