These Women Are Unashamed To Bare Their Scars In Emotional Photos

Scars symbolize our bravery. They remind us where we've been, and that we've made it through some treacherous times and come out on top. For me, my surgery scars teach me to love myself and be kind to my body when I look in the mirror. For these women, their scar represents their unique stories and remind them of their strength and resilience. Take a look at these emotional photographs taken for a project by the Huffington Post, and the stories that accompany them. "I love my scars, they are my breasts. In a breast obsessed culture, deciding to be breastless without apology, without feeling the need to wear prosthesis, is a bravely beautiful and non-conforming choice." "I got my scars in a severe car accident 10 years ago where my liver, ribs and spine were injured. They remind me daily to be grateful for life." scars skin surgery "They remind me that, today, I'm alright." "I had two separate foot surgeries -- basically to remove additional bone growth and "normalize" my feet. When they were more pronounced post-operation, it was a reminder that something about me had needed correction. Young women are upheld to a certain beauty ideal, and deviating from that standard even slightly can result in some serious self-doubt. I think [my scars] are totally badass and even kind of endearing." body positivity "I fell on the ground getting out of my dad's car on the way to my grad school graduation.  I guess my ambitions (and heels) were way too high that day. Of course, I didn't lower either." ambitions goals motivation "When I was thirteen, I moved from Australia to the U.S. and immediately got sick. A blistery rash broke out all over my body, which doctors later diagnosed as shingles. When it was gone, I was left with one deep scar in the center of my forehead. It's become a part of my face. I like that it's shaped like a lightning bolt. My mum says it opens my third eye." face beauty standards "My scars are a part of me -- something that I have lived with for many years. I feel as if they are visible reminders of my life long physical and emotional challenges. When I was young my scars defined me. As an adolescent, it was difficult to deal with all the emotions and restrictions that came with my illness. My scarred body was part of that package. As I started dating, I would use the person's reaction to my scars and my medical history as a reflection of his character, but I was also very self-conscious. As I've grown older, my scars are the least of my problems." self love "I was burnt with boiling water when I was 18 months old. I embrace my burn fully now and think she's beautiful and intriguing and mysterious."   inner beauty Do you have scars that mean something to you? What are your thoughts on these powerful stories? Source: Huffington Post Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_106669" align="alignnone" width="100"]@BodyRockTV @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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