When Women Wear Their Bruises To Work

The hot summer day that Katie decided not to cover up her bruises was the day that sparked a lot of in-office concern. Katie walked through the halls wearing a skirt which showed off her black and blue limbs in all their glory. By the afternoon, her boss came quietly into her cubicle to offer support. "I know you say you’ve been mountain biking a lot lately, her boss whispered, but if there’s something else going on — anything you’d like to talk to someone about — please know that I’m here for you." Katie reassured him that the scraps, scabs, bumps and bruises were the result of a rigorous mountain biking adventure and not an abusive relationship. Earlier in the year, it was easier to cover up with pants, long dresses and leggings. But now the evidence on her skin from the tree she didn't manage to dodge was out for the world to see. [bctt tweet="When Women Wear Their Bruises To Work"] The interaction showed an interesting blemish on today's culture. Society's automatic response to women with scraped up knees is to suspect battering boyfriends. Even female athletes in magazines are airbrushed over to not reveal the battle wounds of their sport. These scars are supposed to be hidden away. So ladies who have nicks from pedals and blisters from handlebars, each of those marks are reminders of what is making you stronger, healthier and giving you lasting memories. Embrace the bruises! What are your thoughts? Do you practice a sport that leaves its mark? Source: Adventure Journal        

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