You Won't Believe What Sex Advice Guys Are Asking For

The guys over at BroBible are stressing about some serious sex issues. Lucky for them there's Ask a Babe to give them answers. One Inquiring Bro would like to know how to tell his women he drinks to last longer in bed, not to activate his beer goggles. Ask a Babe tells him to admit to his chicks he's a one pump chump and if they don't like it, they're probably shallow and useless. Perhaps if a woman is noticing, he's had more than a staying power dosage. An hour of sloppy sex with a drunk guy is rarely preferable to ten minutes of good, connected sex. There are other ways to please her too you know. Another Bro wants to know which positions are preferred by women. Ask a Babe answers with the standard issue porno fantasies of Doggy, Shower Doggy, and Reverse Cowgirl. Here's the thing, Bro. Maybe that is true for your girl. Ask her. And it might be true one weekend and the next she just wants you spooned up behind her first thing in the morning. What is likely is that her favourite position involves your body against hers, not just your genitals touching so a camera crew can get the right angle. Don't discount good old missionary position! She can touch your chest, look in your eyes, wrap herself around you. These can be powerful parts of getting to an orgasm. Bro 3 wants to know if it's ok that he likes to probe a woman anally while they're going at it. Ask a Babe tells him it's up to him if he likes going in an exit hole. I have several friends who think cilantro tastes like soap. Some don't like it for other reasons. I'm in the crowd that would probably try it on oatmeal it's so delicious. Sex is personal. If you like anal play or you enjoy doing it to your partner, that's between the two of you. Anal penetration can be intensely pleasurable for both. Just never go for the surprise probe. Take your time and make sure she's fine with it. After all, you have the same parts. Imagine if someone shocked you that way! One lovelorn bro wants to know what to do because he's still in love with an ex who slept with someone else during a "break" and she's not sure she wants to get back together. Ask a Babe says to do nothing and see what the woman decides on her own. Thinking of her with someone else is bound to bring up old feelings or ones you didn't know were there. If you have a history, and you think the issues that led to the break have been or can be resolved, find out from her if she's with you that far. If it wasn't enough to keep you together before, what are you starting with now that will keep you together this time? A bro asks, What do women like during oral sex? Ask a Babe says no biting and don't get down there and slobber. She says to think about what he likes during a blow job. This isn't bad advice necessarily except it leaves out the person you should be asking... If you know a woman well enough have your face planted between her legs, you should feel comfortable looking up and asking, "A little harder?" in a sexy tone. Notice the tension in her legs, the arch in her back. When you're hitting the right spots, her nervous system and breathing will be sending signals whether she moans and thrashes or not. All of these questions are good ones. Men shouldn't be mocked for trying to be better lovers and partners. Talk to your ladies!        

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