Work Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (real time workout)

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What are your health/fitness goals?  Do you want to lose fat?  Do you want to build muscle?  Do you want definition in your arms, abs, or develop those glutes?  All of the above?  I want to know because I will specifically create my workouts according to your wishes.  I had a goal in mind when creating this one.  My goal was to make myself stronger.  There is an empowering feeling when you are strong.  You feel better, healthier, and even sexier because you are increasing your strength and burning  fat at the same time.  However, the results are really up to you.  I named the workout "Work Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" because that is what it takes to achieve your goals. I read all of your comments and I am listening!!  Muscle burns fat and strong is the new skinny!  Please leave those requests in the comments below!!  And thank you because YOU are my motivation and inspiration!! Here's the workout Breakdown: Part 1 Set your interval timers for 21 Rounds with 10 Seconds Rest/50 Seconds Work 1. Side to Side Hops 2. Dragon Walks 3. Parajumper Plank Jacks 4. Jump Lunges (Ugi ball) 5. Sandbag Press Ups 6. Ninja Jump Tucks 7. Over Unders Part 2 30 BURPEES!!

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