Working Out Alone

I’ve just started getting back into working out this year. Yes I’m one of those New Years workout people you hear and see so much. But the jokes on you! It’s not my resolution, I’ve just been really lazy up until this now! I’ve never been much of an an athletic type. I don’t like sweating and I love sitting on my ass and eating unhealthy garbage. Unfortunately that lifestyle started to catch up with me, and the realization that it’s important to take care of my body, shined over my slowly broadening beer belly. I’m lucky enough to have a gym at the bottom of my building. Which also makes it equally embarrassing that I haven’t been able to lock down a consistent schedule despite that fact. My friends encouraged me to join them at their local gym, so we could all bask in camaraderie and push ourselves to new heights. However I decided to take the lack of travel time and monthly fees that come with joining one. I also chose my gym because I prefer working out alone. I know a lot of people love the idea of going together for the support and the ability to push each other, but I prefer the alternative for the following reasons. Working out is kind of intimate for me. Not in a creepy sense. This is just me and my body pushing our limits and getting out of our comfort zones. I’m sweating, heaving, and giving my all because I want to feel better about myself internally and externally. Its time for me to be alone and… Stay in my own zone. Once my music is on, its just me and the weights or treadmill. As much as someone cheering on that I can push for one more rep should elicit a sense of confidence, I just get irritated. I know the intentions are good, but I just need to do things on my terms. Maybe I just can't do another rep. I'm not going to tear something because I'm not focused on how my body is responding. I would just rather not compare myself to others. I really do like working at my own pace. Since I am 6 foot 5, I give off the illusion to some people that I should be able to take on a lot of weight. When really I have spent no time developing much upper body strength. I’m not looking to hurt myself just because my stupid brain will self-consciously want to match my well trained brethren. That their already toned figures have me thinking “oh come on you’re done.” I never started working out because I liked doing it. I started because there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve yourself. When I look in the mirror, I want to think “gad damned right.” However I’m slowly learning to enjoy it, and I’m starting to feel pretty good about going three times a week. A lot of that comes with going by myself. The best way to get into working out is to do it on your own terms.

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