Does Working Out on an Empty Stomach Burn More Fat?

There is been numerous debates in the fitness industry as to whether or not eating before a workout is a good idea. It is widely believed that more fat can be burned if you skip your breakfast and head straight out to your morning run. This is true, since after a night of no food intake your body is depleted of stored carbohydrates. Working out just after you wake up burns the fat in your body instead of the carbs, as there are no carbs to burn. Sounds great, right? Actually, running on zero carbs can be bad for your body. The fat you're body is using for it's energy source can be muscle. Your muscles give you definition, so losing them is definitely not worth it! Girl-Eating-Apple It's recommended you eat a light meal before a workout if you're hungry. Maybe an apple, banana or some granola. Nothing too large, but nothing that doesn't satisfy you. Like all areas of a health lifestyle, pre workout foods should be consumed in moderation. Do you prefer to eat before or after your workout? Let us know!

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