Working Out After Breast Augmentation Surgery (Infographic)

Working out and keeping some of your pump when recovering from surgery can be difficult, and frustrating. You have spare time, see your muscles fading, and can be down-right frustrated without having your time to de-stress at the gym. There are a few different ways to keep your gains when recovering, from keeping busy to eating healthy, there are also some key surgery specific tricks to getting happy and healthy quickly.

surgery recovery after getting breasts

Breast Augmentation

Plastic surgery is very common, and is a growing practice among healthy young people. The most common form of plastic surgery in America is breast augmentation, and it has recovery steps similar to other plastic surgeries. People even report quality of life improvements on the same level as people who get hip or knee replacements. When healing from a breast augmentation you should avoid all heavy lifting and hard cardio, including running. This can drive some muscle beasties crazy, especially people who like getting a good sweat on, but that great sweat can prevent appropriate healing and cause stitches to fall out, so try going out for an extremely long walk in the neighbourhood. Even minor surgeries with a simple reduction require appropriate time, and patience to heal, listen to your doctor and do the best you can to avoid running to the gym.   Keep busy Keep yourself busy, work on yourself. Most people return to work in a week, and can return to the gym in 6 weeks. Keeping yourself busy in that time is vital for healing, keeping your blood pressure down, and getting the best out of whatever surgery you got. You can do mild calisthenics, such as pilates, but it is not recommended to sweat heavily, or burn yourself out. Think of the things that you want to do, but may not have time for, like coin collecting, reading, or shopping online. Pick something before your surgery that you want to master, and focus your gym efforts on becoming the best at that practice.   Eating Well (cover everything in coconut oil) Eat well. Eat lots of fat, lots of carbs, eat healing foods. You need carbs for energy and rebuilding, this is not the time to cut. Covering everything in coconut oil will help your body heal, and can help prevent any scarring, which can be especially important for people with aesthetic goals. Make sure to eat well. When combined with mild exercise it will reduce swelling and make healing slightly easier. It is so tempting to sit on the couch and sink into cheetos and cake land, especially when you can’t go pump but it will not help you heal, and it will not move you forward. Getting a healthy balance will move you forward and will help you get on your feet faster. In some cases, people will limit themselves to a vegan lifestyle, not only for the health benefits and anti-inflammatory qualities of the diet, but also as a means of restricting their calories. If you have trouble keeping your calories down, or just don’t want to bother counting calories, I would recommend trying vegan while healing. Even people in peak physical condition put themselves out for a brief period of time in order to have surgery. The most important thing to pay attention to is your doctor’s advice. They know your body's limits as near as someone else can, and will know what to do when returning to exercise. After that, eating well, and exercising are vital.  

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