Working Out With Your Significant Other

I have always been an athlete and physical fitness and endurance activities just come natural to me and are a daily requirement, much like eating and drinking water.  But, what if you are dating or married to someone who does not take exercise as seriously as you do?  Do you dump him or her?  Become less active?  Exercise when they aren't around?  The answer to all of these is simply, NO.  You remain your fun, active self, the person that your significant other is attracted to and met and grow with your partner as you exercise and help them to learn about your world of fitness.

So, your partner does not like to run or they have no idea what a tuck jump or front squat big deal.  You can either show them how to do those exercises and develop another workout regime with your partner that craves your need for a sweaty, challenging workout and let's your partner into your world.  Growing with your significant other while starting a new routine that is foreign to both of you is a great way to be vulnerable with each other while learning something new!

Coming from experience, fun activities to try with your partner are Stand Up Paddleboarding, Dance Lessons, Crossfit classes, HIIT Training, Kayaking, Indoor Rock Climbing, and Training for endurance races such as Mud Runs.  These different forms of exercises will keep you both in shape while also keeping your relationship fun and new.

Couples who sweat together usually have a strong bond together and can joke and laugh about the workouts that they did that day.  So, grab your partner and get going on being active, you can still keep your normal routine, but this gives your loved one a chance to experience the power and joys of a great workout.

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