Should You Be Working Out Twice A Day To Lose Weight?

We all want quick results, or at least to be getting the utmost out of our workouts - especially when there's a big event coming up. That being said, is more sweat in a day to shed weight fast the ultimate answer? Not necessarily. Doing too much can have less than stellar returns, depending on how much time you have left to train. If your deadline is more than two weeks away, you don't need the two-a-day workout. In fact if regular exercise is new to your routine, your body may not be able to handle that much and you also can increase your risk for injury. That being said, if you've been working out for six to eight weeks steadily and you're ready for that final push to like Ah-mahzing - go for it!  Adding in a second workout the last week or two can spike your metabolism, getting you even leaner and more cut for that super special event! Ready for two a day? Here are some tips:
  • Perform the higher-intensity strength-training circuit in the morning, when you're fresh. Save your lower-intensity cardio for later
  • Take at least one full day off per week
  • don't do two workouts in a day back to back!
  • Listen to your body. Recovery is just as important as work and everyone is different. If you are really struggling on your second workout, you have done too much! Call it quits and rest

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