BodyRock Lean - Workout #2: Chest & Legs

Hi BodyRockers,

Behind the scenes. Never in a million years did I think I would be standing in the BodyRock studio delivering workouts to the world. As I write this, it is still a pretty mind blowing experience for me to wrap my head around, as if remembering a dream!

I have always been a supporter of the BodyRock team, their workouts, and what they stand for. Having visited and been a part of it myself, has given me a brand new appreciation for everything that goes into delivering us at home the best possible workouts all for free!

 The passion that each and every one of them have for what they do is obvious.  Down to the last detail, they are always striving to bring us their very best!  When Lisa says she is bringing you “loads of new moves” she honestly is thinking of new and challenging ways to push herself as well as all of us, all the time. Her work ethic and dedication to her job and this community is unbelievable! There is SO much more to it than delivering a challenging, effective, 12 minute workout.

Which brings me to production and everything that Freddy and Paul manage to do from the other side of the camera.  At home we often forget the amount of work that goes into filming, editing, and making sure the videos are posted on time.

These guys are amazing and as hard as Lisa works and pushes us to be our best, they equally push and strive to achieve the best technical deliverance possible.  To say I am in awe is an understatement and every time I press play I am grateful for this crew and I can proudly say I am a BodyRocker for life!


Workout #2: Chest & Legs


Set Your Interval Timers to 50 seconds work and 10 seconds rest, complete the following workout 2 x through.

Todays Workout -


Workout BreakDown:

. 1. Pushups, Hop In (L/R) 2. Tuck Jumps x2, Assisted Pistols (L/R) 3. SuperGirl Leg Lifts 4. Elbow Plank to High Plank, tap, tap 5.  Lunge (Step in, out, hop) L 6. Lunge (Step in, out, hop) R


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