Workout Addict Hilary Duff Spotted In Skin Tight Lululemon Leggings

27-year-old Hilary Duff is an avid gym bunny. She sculpts her curvaceous figure while often sporting chic workout gear. Recently, the former Disney star was spotted in a white tee and Lululemon leggings as she ran some daily errands. With radiant glowing skin, the hot mom of a pre-schooler looked gorgeous with a casual white T-shirt tied at the waist, brightly coloured trainers, her signature flowing blonde locks and of course those oh-so-tight leggings. Hilary hates "fad" diets after going through so many as a young teenager in the whirlwind of Disney stardom. She almost attempted the popular-for-a-week baby food diet, but has since grown into a more healthy, balanced and nutritious meal plan. As for her gym sessions, she hits the weight room, the pool and the yoga studio. She dedicates 3 days a week out of her busy schedule to a gym date. "I work my butt off in the gym—and, yes, it's because I want to be fit, but it also puts me in a positive mind-set." she told Health in a new interview. "If I don't have that for a week, I start to get more agitated and impatient; I get in a funk." The actress and singer has jump-started both her TV and music career once again. She recently released a new album and stars on the hit show Younger. What are your thoughts on Hilary's fab outfit?  

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