Workout Artist Highlight - Com Truise

When I’m working out, listening to music is key. I tend to look towards electronic music making a playlist, there is a broad spectrum to choose from and the beat keeps me going. Sometimes I like to work through a particular artist. Their particular style may fit a mood I’m in, or an album consistently hits the mark of producing quality throughout. Com Truise is one of those artists. Com Truise is Seth Haley, an electronic musician based out of Oneida, New York. Originally an Art Director, and then a Drum and Bass DJ, Com Truise has made his way with his distinct 80’s electronic style. The fat, versatile synths he uses helps keeps you focused on the task hand, while the punching kicks and snares helps keep your pace. There is something about the 80’s throwback he does that just seems to work when I’m lifting. Each song starts off sparse which acts as a good cool down or warm up in between sets, but when the songs peak and all cylinders are firing, you feel like you can get a few more reps in. Since 2011, Com Truise has released two full albums, and a collection of EPs and other releases. His latest endeavor has been the 7 track EP, Wave 1.

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