Workout Clothes Are All You Need, and These Pictures Prove It

Whether you want to wear something all day and then workout in it later but still look fashionable and not sloppy, or you're hitting up a new spin studio and want a little swag to pump you up, it can be fun to flaunt your personal style even when exercise is your goal. Here are a variety of ways that prove workout attire is all you really need in your closet. Kardashian inspo! Look at that closet. workout Whether yoga is this morning or tonight, you can sport this outfit all day. workout And sometimes you just want your backpack to match. workout A psychedelic windbreaker anyone? workout An excuse to workout in the tropics on your vacation. workout Every workout deserves a vibrant headband. workout And its own pair of funky fresh pants. workout Getting loud with neon never felt so right. workout Being a boss in or out of the gym. workout A good excuse for a shoe addiction. workout Are you a workout attire fiend? Source: Buzzfeed  

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