Workout Diary: Hiit Beginner Challenge Day 1

This last month I have taken a step back. I needed the recovery time. Also, my heart just wasn't in it. Then Freddy posted this. Whoever she is, she is amazing. Obviously she worked hard and her patience and determination paid off in a big way! I was inspired - ready to get back into my routine. That's when I saw a re-post of the 5-Day Beginner Challenge. I signed up.

When I got home that night I put on my workout clothes, pushed back my coffee table and opened my timer app on my iPad. We have a computer hooked up to our Tv so I pulled up my email and clicked the link. I was immediately in BodyRock mode. Guest trainer, Candice, dove into a basic description of what we were doing and how the workouts are timed. I really appreciate this. The first time I watched a bodyrock video I was so concerned because I didn't know what an interval timer was or what I was supposed to do. Candice broke it down briefly and seamlessly transitioned into the workout. The only criticism I have here is that she didn't mention how many sets we were doing until about 1/2-way into the second part of the workout. Order of the day: leg raises, donkey push-ups, tree squats and butt lifts.  First round I barely broke a sweat. By the second round I realized it was going to be tough to get through. Each round,being tougher than the last, was a testament to why I was there. I need this. Don't misunderstand, this workout 100% doable. Being a Bodyrock veteran, I estimated I would need to add 1-2 extra rounds of the circuit to make this worth my while. I was wrong. I only made it through one extra circuit, modifying the donkey-push-ups to compensate for my burning shoulders. When the buzzer finally released me from my final rep I laid on the floor for a bit. I could not believe about 15 minutes had elapsed. This workout went by so fast! Dripping in sweat, drinking my water and stretching, I reflected on my time I spent working out. I felt accomplished. I could feel the momentum building inside me. I am back in the game. Later, lifting the skillet to make dinner became a test of will for me. It made me smile. Bottom line, if you are standing on the sidelines reading TheDailyHiit or you took a break like I did, get off the couch and give this challenge a try. You won't regret it. It is an easy introduction to what I have come to know and love. I can promise that you will walk away one day stronger...and sweaty.     ...sorry not photo guys, my iPhone took a dip in the river. My face will be back soon.        

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