Workout Motivation: 4 Strange Tips to Get Yourself Going

If you're not the type of person to spring out of bed at the sound of your alarm, you're not alone. Not everyone begins their day enthusiastically singing and dancing as they get up and get going. And if you're reason for waking up is a workout, you're even more likely to hit the snooze button several more times. After work? You're tired and starving. You go over the pros and cons of driving right past the gym on your way home. It's exhausting trying to motivate yourself to get into gear! But, with these four out-of-the-box tips for workout motivation, you may no longer need to push yourself to get into motion.

1. Think about being naked ... or close to it.

You want to look your best, right? What about in a bikini or a barely there dress? Even better yet, for your significant other. For Tiny Dee from Brooklyn, NY, it's her biggest motivator. "Ever since I became a burlesque dancer, I have a different kind of inspiration to stay fit: getting almost naked in front of thousands of people on stage."

2. Hold your wine hostage.

Your gym is just around the corner, but work has been hard today, and you can most definitely gulp down a glass of the good stuff. Make the wine your gift for post-workout indulgence. "Our group runs sometimes end with a trip to a nearby watering hole for adult beverages, which is always great motivation," says Carrie Stevens, JackRabbit Sports social media manager.

3. Foresee embarrassing photos of yourself filling up people's Facebook feeds.

Untag. Untag. DELETE. You can't be on social media looking like ... that! Aren't you sick of worrying about what images are popping up of yourself on Facebook yet? "Some clients have had close friends keep embarrassing 'before' pictures of them with instructions to release the picture on social media if they don't stick with their workout plans…medieval!" says David Jack, who is a performance specialist and founder of the activLAB at the Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix.

4. Bribe yourself.

You've been wanting those vibrant new yoga pants hanging up in your favorite studio, and that gorgeous skin-tight dress from the boutique around the corner. "One of my clients ordered a bunch of dresses and shoes for the summer and had them delivered to the gym instead of her home, so she had an incentive to work out," says Minna Ajo, a personal trainer at New York City's Crunch Union Square. "I'd give her one item every time a goal was met. A pair of heels she couldn't wait to wear motivated her to drop 10 pounds!" What tips can you add to this list to help others motivate themselves to work out? It doesn't matter how you motivate yourself to workout if you don't have a solid routine to turn to. For over 115 hours of real time, on demand, workouts covering everyone from beginner to advanced, check out SweatFlix℠! With new and exclusive content being added all the time, we know you'll always find something to get you moving! Start your free trial today!  Source: Prevention  

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