Workout Music: The Best of Alternative

Finding the best Rap, hip-hop, dance and house are without doubt the most popular workout music. Fitness classes around the globe depend largely on these tunes to get participants into the groove, but not everyone is into this kind of music. If you’re one of these multitudes, try downloading a few of our recommendations onto your iPOD to get a taste of some of the best alternative workout music. Just remember: The best workout music is music that gets you motivated and ready to sweat, so pick your poison and go hard! Sugar, We’re Going Down - Fall Out Boy Midnight Rain - Wide Mouth Mason Gel - Collective Soul Breaking the Habit - Linkin’ Park Santa Monica - Everclear Dog Days Are Over - Florence + The Machine Stereo - The Watchmen Want You Bad - The Offspring Indestructible - Disturbed All Over You - Live Even Flow - Pearl Jam  

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