Why I Workout and NEVER Look At The Scale

Why I workout.... Right out of the gate let me start by saying that I am not a fitness expert by no means but I am a fitness lover. I truly enjoy working out. For me the benefits really do out way the effort. My workout routine is as follows. I wake up around 5 a.m and make my coffee. I read my emails and get caught up on social media. If I am not doing a challenge workout routine I go through workouts found on Youtube (BodyRock) and target the area of my body that is to be worked out that particular day. For example:
  • Mondays I like to do 30 minutes min. of cardio (My preferred cardio is Kickboxing)
  • Tuesdays I like to do 30 minutes min. of strength I use 10 lbs weights and try to target my arms and larger muscle groups for a better burn
  • Wednesdays I like to do a Yoga routine (I need more flexibility and this helps with that)
  • Thursdays I like to focus on my core (I have had a bad back and strengthening my core is very important)
  • Friday I try and do a 30-45 minute mishmash of Cardio and HIIT
  • Saturday can be a toss up - I see how I feel and if I am not too sore I generally like to do a 30-45 min. walking routine
  • Sunday is my rest day & I actually have to rest on purpose cause I WANT to work out!!! Go figure.
For me the benefit of working out is simply that it makes me feel good. I feel like I am investing in my future self, I am getting stronger and healthier.  I feel like I have succeeded at something wonderful and that pumps me up for the remainder of the day. I actually look forward to the next days workout, that is how awesome I feel. I have had to STOP weighting myself as it proved to be detrimental to me and would only discourage me. I was putting way too much stock in the number on the scale instead of what changes I was really seeing in my body. I also had to stop listening to all the hype on the internet about working out - do this, don't do that. Eat this but never that, burn this many calories have a BMI of this amount blah blah blah. Truth be told if you have the basics covered and you have a healthy foundation for what you should put into your body combined with a healthy exercise routine you WILL see results. You just have to decide to start and never give up, PUSH yourself.  

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