Should You Workout Twice a Day If You Want to Lose Weight?

Doing more isn't always better. If you have lots of time left to train, don't start over-doing it with twice a day workouts. Your body may not be able to handle the extra strain. No one wants an injury! But, if you have been working out for a while and you are running out of time before your goal weight day, give yourself that final push and add an extra workout. SQMlAPh7p4fAzwekNF0um4J3z-kFcIqBHsEU_XSXgKg Adding that second workout a week or two before your event can spike your metabolism making you leaner and more cut for your day. Follow these simple rules and you will be knocking them out with your bod! 1) Perform your higher intensity strength training in the morning and a lower intensity cardio in the afternoon. 2) Take one day off from exercise each week. 3) Do not do 'double headers' on back to back days. 4) If you are unable to go as hard or lift as much in your second round, you have done too much. Listen to your body. It is best to go back to one workout a day. Better safe than sorry.    

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