World Cup workout

If you're watching the World Cup, but want to be breaking a sweat just like the players on the pitch, then why not workout while you watch the match? This workout allows you to keep updated with how your team is doing, while also burning some fat; and it's totally up to you how long you workout for! Perfect! This will be particularly beneficial for you if your other half is "forcing" you to watch the game, but you don't really want to. That's because you will technically be watching the match, but also doing something you actually want to be doing.
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Whenever the following things happen, perform the assigned exercise:  

A goal is scored - 10 burpees

A player misses a shot at goal - 10 mountain climbers

A player dives - 10 push ups

A substitution is made - 20 squats

A player gets a yellow card - Plank for 20 seconds

A player gets a red card - Reverse plank for 20 seconds

A manager gets irate - 10 one-armed half burpees (alternating)

The referee makes a decision you disagree with - 10 surfer jumps

A corner is taken - 10 bicycles

The goalie dives the wrong way - 10 jump lunges

A goal kick is taken - 20 jumping jacks

When a penalty is taken - 30 high knees

When a free kick is taken - 10 v-ups

When a player does a throw-in - 10 supermans

  Always remember that you need to keep hydrated throughout, and workout to the best of your ability. Don't feel that you need to complete this for the full 90 minutes, as that would be pretty difficult...especially if you're new to working out. You know your body better than anyone, and, when exercising, you should be pushing yourself to work hard and improve, but not to the point that you cause yourself any damage; pulling a muscle is not good, so take it at your own pace.

Enjoy the match!

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