Worried About How Your Tattoos Will Look As You Age? This May Change Your Mind.

How many tattoos do you have? One? Five? Twenty? None? If you are of the majority of the population these days who does have some ink - how many times have you been asked "Aren't you worried about what it will look like when you get older?" If you've ever wondered yourself, have a look at these 17 senior citizens' images - it may just change your mind. 4fe982b27c2653768060db89c46efc01 5c60914013e5ed18bc0c31654354ecdf 6bee8e0c0172547fe2d5467c408a2925 07f1fb766cb298670af652f177816969 8c00033f7286c9ce70f7d5d5abed07ba 26d2bd71a888b6e4b10b786f8cd78169 43d217d4e6973b2b7760cd328396ea9a 80f6c6bcee53a8790c3b7452cb6a7077 9559903335d6fd170b3d437890339227 c9e5e44f40a6768cd6a0ff3a83053a98  e15c9fd3795a7a40ff5b10faeecfdba9 ecae228722615541aa673976f73291bb efe6498c4a07e0223bbdae6b6fe96b1e f2b8865b2ef86d3a68c01e713769d576 f2177e6fe737c7f6df6e3c38dad24f39 fcae6a660c3d8f5859c3b95bb41e6da4cdb7a52876d0e12b65abb13438787e08 Like beauty, art is subjective. We believe that tattoos are just another form of self expression and that the artwork on these people has aged just as gracefully as they have. What do you think?

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