Worst. Mother. Ever.

Kris Jenner has recently said that Rob Kardashian’s weight gain is an embarrassment to the family and that he should go to a fat camp so he can be more marketable. In what universe would a mother say that to her child? It’s like the Kardashians live in a bizzarro land, where actual human emotions don’t exist, and instead are represented by floating dollar signs. She could have at least pretended to want him to lose weight for health reasons, instead of trying to make him more marketable. article-2552326-1B37DA9000000578-762_634x707 Also, Rob Kardashian is an embarrassment to the family? The entire Kardashian family is an embarrassment to humankind. I watched 5 minutes of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and felt my brain cells dying. I would not be surprised if this was some kind of marketing ploy thought up by Kris Jenner, for Rob to be a fat embarrassment until he becomes the new spokesperson for Weight Watchers, or starts the Rob Kardashian Weight Loss reality show, or does anything else that will allow Kris Jenner to suck more money from her vapid talentless family. [caption id="attachment_39515" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Sure, his fatness isn't a problem when he has a successful sock line. Sure, his fatness isn't a problem when he has a successful sock line.[/caption]

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