You are worth it

As moms know this amazing thing called life seems to have its own legs and sometimes runs away with us and our best laid plans. I am a mom of one beautiful 9 month old girl Laine and I have been meaning to sit down and type this post for a while, but with the festive season flying by so did my intentions.  Even the time it takes me to write this you would think you were watching a 3 hour movie like the Hobbit with several intermissions, not just one. Motherhood it is all about choosing your own adventure…will you be having a food or water fight, will you be have tears of joy or tears of laughter….rolling with the punches, choosing your battles, changing your to do list a zillion times but most importantly making sure everyone is a happy chappy at the end of the day. But moms we must remember one thing this health and happiness includes you at the end of the day. I am apart of the fitness industry and I am a mother. I hear it daily not just from mothers but also from all walks of life…..I do not have time to workout but would love to, I feel guilty wanting to take time for me away from my family.  To be honest some days I have even done this myself. But I would like to say you SHOULD and MUST take time for you. You need to make time for health and fitness in your life no matter your situation as without our health we have nothing and we cannot help others.  Let me tell you why you are worth it and how Happy Mom = Happy Family:  I know this by experience... When I am a Happy Chappy so is my Husband and Daughter.  Regular exercise decreases incidences of depression and improves mental health and wellbeing.  You only need 10 minutes a day.  Just one 10 minute period a day will release hormones which will work together to naturally boost your mood and decrease your stress hormones such as cortisol.  And in the large scheme of things long term regular exercise will make you feel amazing in your own skin and give you confidence to be the amazing you…whatever way you look at it the overall benefit is it makes you happier! You are an inspiration:  Our Child/Children watch our ever move we make and listen to every word we say.  They are our little mini ME’s.  The saying where your mind goes your body follows.  Also who you are your child imitates.  And on a more pressing point childhood obesity has become an increasing challenge so instead of just telling your kids to exercise and be healthy show them and lead by example. Invest into everyone’s future:  Motherhood, from the second we find out we are pregnant we automatically place ourselves at the back of the queue. It is a natural reaction. But if you do not take care of yourself who will? and if you do not take care of yourself then who will take care of your child/children?  Take care of yourself as an investment not only into your future but also your child/children’s and families.  Regular exercise prevents diseases including but not limited to heart disease (number 1 killer of women in America), cancer, osteoporosis, type II diabetes and the list goes on.  But beyond this it helps you, your child and family increase the quality of your lives by giving life the best you. YOU ARE WORTH IT.  Women, moms especially are super heroes without the capes and underwear on the outside.  Yes, YOU…you are awesome in all that you already do and you can achieve everything and anything you set your mind to.  You deserve to take a small window of time where you squeeze in a little me time to make not only your best self but also the best life for your child/children and family.  Nothing would be the same if you did not exist.  You deserve your own love, kindness and respect.  You are worth it! You are worth it workout... Roll Back Burpee Challenge One step at a time Repeat once as a 2 minute Challenge or as a workout by repeating 3 to 5 times 30 seconds toe touch or knee touch 10 seconds pause 30 seconds half reverse curl straight leg or bent legs 10 seconds pause 30 seconds jump back to push up half or full 10 seconds pause 30 seconds push up half or full from the ground 5 beginner or advance roll back burpees 1477983_10152052950788567_1015060908_n

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